Duds????????? Three out of Eight Polish eggs.....


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Aug 13, 2010
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[/img] the red O is so I can tell which side i turned....

yeah these are the three eggs....... the last one is hard to tell.. But the other have veins and everything. So should I get rid of these three before they expolde in my incubator?????
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I have learnt the hard way no throwing out till you know for certain lol i killed one was convinced nothing it had a eye and a beak.

The ones with shadows were just yolks so that was good but one the yolk was white.

had a blood spot too no good. but i have atleast 6 i am not sure at all so i thought leave in till day 10 at least.

i was soo gutted that i threw a good one and i could see no veins or anything in it!

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