Dumb guinea questions from a newbie!


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11 Years
Aug 17, 2008
Hey all! I acquired 2 guineas with some laying hens I bought as kind of an "oh, yeah, you'll take the guineas, too, right??" deal. I think it's a male and female, from what I've read. And I think that the hen is laying eggs on the floor of my coop. Does that sound probable? A medium-sized brown egg? Do people eat them and is there an easy way to differentiate them from the eggs of a hen too lazy to use the nesting boxes?

Are there any great guinea informational websites you could share with me?

Thanks so much!!

To answer your questions directly, your female guinea hasn't adjusted to her new home. It sounds like she is confused. but she will find the nest sooner or later. Yes, guineas do lay medium sized light brown eggs. People do eat guinea meat and eggs. Guinea has a more gamey flavor than chincken does. They also have all dark meat and usually have alot of meat.

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