Dun laced wyandotte to what??

Silver Laced x Dun Laced = 50/50 silver or dun laced.

Gold Laced gets you sexlinked (or the other way around) birds, half dun and half normal black lacing.

Blue Laced Red - don't even go there.

Solid Black - gets you dun/choc colored birds with some golden or silver coloration on them. They'll be neat looking, but also mutt-looking.
Katy, Paul's Poultry, Foley's, and several other people from the Wyandotte thread would be my advise.
Heather- get ahold of Bruce Bickle from Canada.... he comes to a lot of the WA shows (Monroe, Chehalis, etc).... he has good silver laced bantams. Again, you're always fighting the wings,.. but his are pretty darn nice.
you could breed to a standard silver laced. it is the hen that determines bantam or LF. so all chicks would be bantam but you might have to AI.

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