During molting seoson & Egg buissness

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    Jul 21, 2012
    Hi Everyone, I have an egg buissness in my local town in SoCal and my 19 hens are molting. Does anybody know if there is anything that I can do to conntinue with it even during molting seoson and how long does it last? Does the length of time of molting vary between breeds? I have about 5 different breeds of hens and not allowed a rooster.
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    Well it will last a month to a month and a half but buy some whole corn (uncooked) and give them a cup and a half a day and that may help. Also if you want to up it even more in winter/fall then get a light and put it in the coop and have it on for a hour and a half when it gets dark.
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    Up their protein during their molt, it will help them recover more quickly. Don't expect any eggs during the molt. If they're not laying, stop laying layer feed. Layer feed is low in protein anyways. Feed an all flock or broiler or game bird feed.

    If you want to do the light trick, they need 12-16 of light a day to "trick" them into thinking the days are longer. So if you're getting 10 hours of daylight a day, you need a light on a timer to add an additional 2-6 hours a day. We usually add the light in the dark of morning...this tends to help them lay eggs in the morning rather the afternoon.
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    Mar 18, 2014
    Going through the same thing myself right now. I have not had a white egg from my 2 brown leghorns in over a week. Good info here. Thanks.

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