dusk behaviour


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5 Years
Aug 22, 2014
Watching my chickens (four chicks at 13 weeks and one laying adult - all hens) at dusk as they head into the coop. AMD our adult chicken was very interested in the babies and their coop, chasing them in and then out, going into her coop then leaving to look in theirs. Any idea what that is about?? She probably does it every night but we don't watch. Almost thought she was going to bunk with them at last but she eventually retired to her own coop. Any ideas? Just for curiosity, as there is really nothing wrong. Happy chickens! Thanks!
Maybe she is wanting to 'flock' with them...but is still not sure because the chicks coop is not her safe haven.

Chickens are flock animals they feel more secure in groups, she's probably torn between wanting to attack the interlopers and yet craves the 'companionship'.

Would be interested to hear how this scenario plays out long term...they are so interesting.

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