Dust bathing


Nov 2, 2018
North Alabama
In our coop and run we have sand on the floor. The run has a roof over it. Our chickens only have access to the coop and the run as we have way too many predators to let them free range although we wish they could.
Since we provide sand for the flooring in both the coop and the run, do we need to make any separate dust bathing area? I have watch a few of our chickens bathe on the floor but I have not witnessed all of them doing it and it only seems like I see it occasionally, although I am not watching them all day.

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Crossing the Road
7 Years
Aug 12, 2014
Upstate NY
I don't add a dedicated dust bath. Mine either dust bathe in the coops deep litter, or outside in the run in dirt. They actually dig themselves holes in the ground loosening up the dirt and bathe in that. Have a bunch of 'potholes' in their runs, lol.

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