Dutchess County State Fair

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    Feb 5, 2008
    Today was the last day of the Dutchess County State Fair in NY. I was especially interested in viewing all of the chickens and turkeys. There were cute Sebrights, but it turned out that they were roos. I loved 3 black Polish chickens with white feathers on top. My nickname for these silly critters is "Phyllis Dillers". It turned out that they were roos also. Saw a lovely "huge" cochin and some real Ameracuans(don't stress if I spell it incorrectly). They look SO different from the Easter Eggers. Hoped to see some Jersey Giants but they weren't in the exhibition. The turkeys looked tired, probably because the show started five or six days ago. Next year, I'll go on Saturday because that's when there's an auction for the animals!


    P.S. - I was caught in traffic for two hours getting there, but once I was there, I was soo happy!

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