D'ya think our first egg may be coming soon???!!!


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Feb 22, 2016
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My Coop
My Coop
New to chicken keeping this year with four adorable buff orpington girls we love! A couple have very red combs now, and it was the littlest one that got the red comb and wattles first. We got them first week of April and they were a month old at least, they told us.
Today when I went to clean the coop I reached out to the little hen, and SHE SQUATTED! It was unmistakable. We thought despite her size, she looked most mature, and now we are excited beyond reason, and hoping for our first egg soon!
We have had straw and fake eggs in the 2 nesting boxes for a few weeks now, and I am hoping little Maisie will leave a suprise for us soon~ Hopefully they all will be laying soon.
I feel kinda silly getting so excited, but we just love our chickens so much and are so happy we decided to get them!
We learn all we need to know from the great people here.
Here Maisie was lookin' quite cute, like she was posing a couple weeks ago. Hope to see more squats and an egg in the very near future!

Fake egg in nest box. Hoping to see a real one soon!


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She sure looks ready
. Waiting for that first egg is so hard. I've had birds most of my life and I still get excited when a pullet lays her first egg---my Honey just
but I'm all

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