Dying chick! Help!!!!

4 Georgia Hens

Jan 3, 2017
Northern Georgia
I recently picked up 7 silkie chicks. 5 of which had/have splay leg. I’m working on getting a system to help the babies, but they can all get to water and food easily, so my sick one is more of a priority. The one who seems ill always had the splay leg the most severely. Today, it cannot walk, so I moved it to its own area: a hamster cage with heating pad. I have tried to help his splay leg (http://www.urbanchickenpodcast.com/ucp-blog-025/), but he just flips over on his back and lays there chirping. Since he can’t/won’t eat, I’ve been giving him homemade electro-lights. I also dissolved his food in some water and syringe fed him that way once today. I really am at a loss of what to do! If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it! I hope someone has a suggestion!!
It sounds like you're doing all that you can for them. It's unusual that there would be that many splayed legs in a batch. That technique is very similar to the one I use and it has always worked for me in the past. It wouldn't hurt to add some electrolytes to the other chicks' water as well.

I don't have much advice for the sick one, but pictures of the chick and your setup would be helpful if you have the chance. How old are they? Best of luck to you and your chicks! :fl
Get some Nutri Drench for all the chicks. The one that keeps flipping onto it's back, you can try making it a sling to sit upright. Make it so it's feet touch the ground, put the brace on and do "therapy" by allowing it to put pressure to walk yet the sling is holding it upright.

Where'd you get your chicks from?
Thank you! I will make the sling tomorrow (hoping he lives through the night) Unfortunately, I hav to go to bed, but i will try and take pictures tomorrow. I will look for Nutri Drench soon!
The chicks are 2-3 days old. I bought them from the man whom I got my big girl flock from. I received the splay- legged ones for free. He bought the eggs from the NewNan show. I’m hope the little sick guy (Falcon) will make it through the night!
Never had this problem with any of our chicks but it seems to be somewhat common with silkies. Perhaps to much inbreeding. I know this sounds harsh but I wouldn't try save such a chick and if saved I certainly wouldn't breed it. After we stopped trying to save every chick with a problem our flock got healthier as we were removing the unhealthy genetic stock. We don't vaccinate yet we seldom have sick chickens.

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