Dying during lockdown


Jul 13, 2020
Yorkshire, England
Hi all
I am currently running 4 (well calibrated) incubators. I do not think it's the accuracy that's a problem but more what humidity I want to run at. I totally get people's different opinions.
I keep going into lockdown with healthy chicks and then coming out the other end with nothing.
During incubation I've tried ranges from 30-45 and then during lockdown I've tried ranges from 50-80 and every combination within. Just opened my ayam cemani eggs to see fully formed but dead chicks and I really need to sort this out.
What else can I do?
It isn't the egg or breeder as I use different sources, though most are postal. With postal eggs from one breeder I did get 6/12 once, but now I am struggling to get 1/12! Room is 18C & 54 humidity consistently.
Thanks. I've read this before but don't understand. The incubators don't have any? One of mine is Brinsea Covina which seems to be, apparently, top spec?

They should have some, I've never worked with a brinsea before (I'm too cheap), there could be several issues , that's just my guess . I'm not very experienced as a hatcher.
Has your humid gauge been salt tested?
I'm going to guess your humidity it too high.

Can you open an egg thst you are sure us dead and take clear pictures of it?
A video would be even better.
During lockdown it's definitely important to have fresh air running in the incubator. For me maintaining 65 to 70 percent is balanced for them to hatch. I've tried higher humidity but it killed a lot of the eggs. Just my observation.

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