Eagle attacked duck


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May 1, 2013
Hi all,
IM new here and am hoping someone can give me some advice. We had an eagle attack our year old khaki Campbell female duck yesterday and she's not doing well. She has a puncture wound on the back on her head and her left breast under the wing. I doctored the spots with blu kote as best I could, but IM afraid she may have a broken back/neck or both. She has had clear, alert eyes the whole time, and was able to walk a bit after the attack when we would pick her up and put her on her feet. She then quit walking and laid in a kennel in the coop for the rest of the night stretched out almost straight. She has now bent her neck down towards her chest and has her legs tucked more up towards he body. She ate a very little bit today when we picked her up and put food in front of her and is drinking a lot of water when we do the same. She doesn't seem to be in pain. She is moving her left leg well, like flipping. However she isn't doing much of anything with her right other than recoiling it slightly when touches and manipulated. The leg that isn't moving is considerably warmer than the one that is moving. I don't have access to get antibiotics from the vet until tomorrow, if that's an option. IM not sure what else to do for her at this point. It's going to get down to about 25 degrees tonight...should I bring her into a heated building, or would that cause more shock on her since she's been used to the temperatures? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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Greetings from Kansas, Mnranch, and
! Pleased you joined us but sorry to hear about your poor duck. I'm not sure what more you can do for now. I'd probably leave her in the coop she is used and with her mates. Hope the vet gives you good news tomorrow. You should also post in the Emergencies & Injuries link below for more advice. Good luck to you and your duck!


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Punctures are nasty, she probably should be on antibiotics. I wonder if a head injury is causing her foot to curl up. Makes me think of a stroke victim. Poor baby. Chickens seem to have amazing recuperative powers but, I don't know if ducks are the same way.

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