Earliest Hatch?


9 Years
Dec 19, 2010
Victoria - Australia!
Just wondering how early anyone has hatched a chick and had it survive? I got to thinking about this after someone saying that they'd heard peeping on day 15, followed by people hatching chicks on day 18 and then candling my own and thinking 'wow there is almost no room left in there and they are only on day 11)! although i seriously lack experience so they could be looking completely normal

So how early have you had a chick hatch?
Hi scoop! My first hatch I had 3 of 7 make it. 2 on day 19, 1 on day 20 - I had to help this one as the membrane was dry. All are happy and well.
The 4 that didn't make it, 3 were dried in and 1 was wet, but all were fully developed. I'm still trying to figure out why! Have LG w/fan & auto turner. My temps varied quite a bit and humidity fluctuated too. The room effects the incubator more than I expected, so I learned alot. I just set 37 more, hopefully what I learned from the first hatch will help on the second!

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