Early Candling Question


11 Years
Mar 20, 2011
I was lookimg at this thread: https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/candling-pics-progression-through-incubation-of-chicken-eggs

For the day 1 - 4, if you rotate the egg should the embryo stay put or is it ok for it to move?

I've got 6 eggs, my first time trying to incubate. A couple of them I can't see anything inside, a couple have dark masses that rotate with the egg...I can only assume this is the yolk?

When / if I see the development on day 3 or 4 should it be stationary?
it will not be stationary it will move the first thing you will see is blood vessels and maybe a tiny spot(embryo) if you look real hard be careful this is when they are they most fragile. I do not candle my eggs until day 10 then I know for sure which are developing
It won't be stationary. The embryo moves throughout its incubation cycle. It's okay to candle everyday if you want to. It's quite educational. The dark orb inside is the yolk. On day 5-6 if you look very carefully in a very dark room, you can see the tiniest heartbeat ever. It looks like a tiny dim red light blinking.
Thanks that information was definately helpful . All the pictures LOOK like the embryo / vessels are attached to the egg wall so I wasn't sure! Most videos show the egg stationary so i was a little worried :D
My eggs are 6 days into incubation. I have at least 11 embryos.

I have 6 that are light colored and six brown.

Here is what I have noticed so far: On day one, the yolk was a dark central mass. On day 2, the yolks seemed to float pretty easily. On day 3, the yolks seemed to flatten and spread out a bit--as far as the shadow was concerned. On day four, I began seeing small amounts of veining with a central red spot. Day 5, the eye vacate visible in a few, greater veining, and some movement. The darker ones show much less detail. Day 6, I can see movement in 11 eggs; veining is visible in the light shelled eggs; barely noticeable in my dark eggs. The jury is still out on the 12th brown egg.
Update - thanks so much for the feedback. I set the eggs friday afternoon and today I could see the little dark dot in three of them. The other three are darker brown and I can still only see a shadow of a yolk but i want to get a darker lamp / better look and wait a few more days before I make a mistake and prematurely rule one out. SUPER exciting though!!

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