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    Aug 15, 2011
    Hi I have a digital incubator set at the standard 37.5 which I have used several times with great success. I have 60 eggs incubating at the moment which are due thursday. However yesterday I had a brahma egg hatch out of this incubator, which is 4 days premature. I have taken it out and placed it in a brooder and although weak it seems fine. However I am concerned that such an early hatch has prehaps caused it problems. Its eyes still seem puffy and I was wondering if it could be blind. It shuffles about ok, and responds to voices, but I am not sure if it has suffered any damage. Anyone got any ideas on why it has hatched so early, as all the other eggs in the incubator are all as they should be. Nothing else has even pipped. Also what kind of damage if any has it suffered.
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    If the temp hasn't been calibrated with multiple thermometers your temp could be running higher which lead to the early hatch. Maybe the egg was sat on by a hen prior to setting in the bator? This too can lead to early hatching. If shipped the daytime temps are high enough to effect hatches too. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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