Early Lonely Chick


12 Years
13 Years
Jan 25, 2007
I had one hatch this morning. They weren't due to hatch until tomorrow night.

Two questions....how long can I leave him in the incubator? And what can I do to appease his loneliness if he ends up being the only hatchling?
this is a good question and I was thinking the same question because I think there is only one out of two eggs that will hatch in mine and i heard baby chicks get really lonely
I had one hatch days befor the others and I left him in the bator for three days
and then took him out because he would need food and water by then.
It was only a few days later and the others started to hatch and he was glad for the company.
I had one lone chick from my last hatch...I gave the poor thing a small stuffed animal which it snuggled up with...Then I got on the phone and ordered chicks to keep him company....
...Now it is not a lonely chick anymore...Hopefully you will have some company for it soon!...I left mine in the incubator for about 3 days before taking it out!


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