Early wake up to volience

Hillbilly Rooster

10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Middleville, Michigan
Well woke up at 2am the other morning to ducks making noise 2 flew away, one dead, and a pekin injured. Thinking fox or coyotes left the teenage chickens alone and the pheasants and banties alone in there chicken tractors.

2 nights go by and I am staying aware put ducks up in there old pen then thinking the darn neighbors dog going on a rampage.

Last night 2am my cat (inside) starts screaming, (oh theres a dog inside to Rotten Lab), dog makes no noise. So I get up and use the facilties and I hear growling. 2 RACCOONS KILLING MY PHEASANTS AND BANTIES. So you know what happened next if you live in the country.

I cannot believe I have not had a problem until now. The neighbors lost there 18 teenagers to they think coyotes but who knows now.
I know that I have fox but never lost anything to them they have plenty to eat.

I am a little crazed right now.
Sorry you lost your birds
Thank you and just want everyone to be aware that the coons are also out there and I know that everyone know that they cause alot of damage I just did not think that one of them would attack a pekin duck.

This year is going to be bad yr for the coons because in michigan are spring and are summer so far have been mild so no starvtion on the population of animals or over heating of the babies.

I trap in the winter and we did not get a one at my house or at my dads which is weird.

Thank you again.

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