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    Oct 8, 2008
    Last week we found one of our chickens had been attacked on his back, she managed to escape to the chicken coop but died. The next night we awoke to chicken noises at 2:30am. we got up with flashlights to see if something was attacking them, to our surprise they were all outside of the pen. All chickens had their wings clipped so they couldn't fly (we thought) and had never gotten out before (6 ft. chainlink fence). They were here and there all over the yard, at 2:41am we had an earthquake, centered about 4 miles from us, it was a 4.1 in Yucaipa, CA. We rounded them all up and put them away and it hasn't happened again. The only thing I can think of is they knew the earthquake was coming?? Wierd. Is that why they say "the chickens flew the coop" - seriously it was wierd and I'm still scratching my head.
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    Aug 8, 2008
    animals of all kinds can sense an earthquake coming... even some humans!

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    I believe chickens & other animals can feel vibrations in the ground.I live in north Louisiana & there was a gas line explosion 20 miles from here.It was during the daytime, my chickens were out ranging.They all froze & made a trilling type noise.A few seconds after that I heard the explosion,chickens went back to business as usual.
  4. Quote:You know, I believe it - I recall reading news stories right after the 2005 tsunami that animals were seen heading for high ground before the waves hit. They could feel the shock waves from the earthquake.

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    The moon will be closer to the earth than it has been in quite sometime tomorrow... It won't get this close again until 2012.

    BIG earthquakes are known for coming just before or after a full moon and especially when the moon approaches the earth this closely.

    I'm expecting a 6.0 or greater somewhere on this planet in the next couple of days.

    East of Paso Robles on the San Andreas is way over due for a big one.

    Also, if you live near the ocean, expect some higher than normal tides.
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  6. My cats used to climb the screen door to get out minutes before earthquake activity (I lived in Northridge in 94) so for SURE I believe the chickens knew.

    Nice job getting you out of the house I'd say!
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    I haven't had this flock long enough to know if they will react to impending quakes, but the cats go a little crazy a few hours before one hits. Yes we have quakes here too and we had the misfortune of buying a farm that sits right on a minor fault line! [​IMG]
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    last week.. at work (doggroomer) a dog i groom regularly (every 8 weeks for the last 5 years) she was acting strange, she was freaked out to the point of panic, she had never acted this way ..ever
    i got home that night started to eat dinner and my toypoodle was growling and barking at "nothing"...
    an hour later we had a 5.5 earthquake...
    i personally belive they 'know" or feel things we dont...
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    IT'S TRUE. i know in california, our cockatiels woud just fall over on thier backs when an earthquake was about to hit. strange [​IMG]
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    May 14, 2008
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