Earthworms for 2 week old chicks?


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
Is it ok to give 2 week old chicks earthworms (with grit available)? I gave my 23 gals some yesterday and later in the day one was acting ill. I isolated it last night and sadly today it died. Wondering if it has anything to do with giving them earthworms yesterday. They all ate them and this one was the only one that got ill. Thanks for any insight on this.
Thank you I just read a bit on gapeworm - which I had never heard of. I thought they ate earthworms when they free range and didn't realize that they can carry illness
. I am hoping to keep them free of medication. Thanks for the info - atleast I know to stop bringing them those for treats.
Do you think feeding them those yesterday could cause one to die within 18 hours?
No, I highly doubt it. Unless the worm was lodged in the throat and suffocates. I'm not sure how easily they can get gapeworm from the worm, I will never chance it.
Besides the risk of gapeworm, my chicks and hens have never been fans of earthworms. I will move a water dish and see several but the chickens just ignore them and go after the real treats that I bring. Apparently they know whats good for them!

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