East Tennessee

My next door neighbors moved to Morristown a couple of years ago. I havent heard from them, but Id imagine those winters up there were a bit of a shock.
Hi Everyone! I'm in East Tennessee - Kingsport! Welcome Frogjake!
We used to live in Lenoir City! Then we moved to Powell, (closer to Halls). But alas we had to move back to PA. Our hearts remain in TN..... Beautiful state, friendly folks.
If you haven't been here in the past few years, you wouldn't even recognize it! Except for Bimbos lol. I sure didn't when I moved back. And can you believe... you can now buy beer and lotto tickets here in Lenoir City!

That's right I forgot that Lenoir was in a dry county. We moved there from Knoxville (papermill exit) in 1992, and moved out to Halls in 1993-1996. We moved right before the tornado's wiped out Lenior City the DQ and the bank on that corner. We moved back to PA in 1996, as I was 3 weeks from delivering ds and my lovely work (Oak Ridge) laid me off. ugh.....

I remember a co- worker there would gather money from folks and do a lotter run to Bristol every 2 weeks or so.... There was no lottery in that bible thumping state!

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