Easter Egg Chicken?


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May 23, 2012
OK we have a brown and black chicken that we thought would give brown eggs well to our surprise it started laying green eggs and it doesn't look like a Easter egg Chicken that we could tell is there other types that do this or is some kind of freak lol.
A pic might help,
but Ameraucana EE gene is dominant, so a mutt could lay green, but black and brown could be such.
I have Ameraucana purebreds and our RIR spent a surprise few days with our girls while we were out. The result was a RIR-ish (redbrown and black) looking hen laying olive eggs.
Here is a pic of her offspring we where very excited it hatched. Its the one that has a black stripe down its back my wife waited till 2am just to see what color it was lol.
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Yup, a mixed-ameraucana for sure. (almost the same as ours!) not a black or white, but.... consider her a mutt with the ameraucana gene. she has nice form too.
look familiar?
The look like Arucana.

to all of you!

Arucanas are rumpless .... well they are supposed to be anyway. She is an Easter Egger and a very common color. Pretty girl!
Thanks for the help we are still new to this and weren't supposed to have her in the mix but my kids are very happy we did lol.

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