Easter Egger Chicks to Hatch Friday


Hatching and Showing
13 Years
Oct 10, 2007
I have some Easter Egger chicks due to hatch this Friday.
The reason I am selling "cheep" is that when I originally started my incubator, it was to hatch some bought eggs, but I decided to add in a few eggs from my laying flock. Well, the other eggs did not make it, and I don't really want to brood this few chicks by themselves, besides the fact I don't have much need for them since they aren't from my pure pens.
These chicks will grow into good layers. All their possible mothers are Brown Leghorns, and the only possible father is a Blue Ameraucana.
The price is per chick, and I am expecting six to hatch.
No shipping, sorry.
And I actually only had two hatch. They are still available if someone local wants them

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