Easter Egger club!

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  1. SlipsWife

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    Mar 10, 2013
    Odessa, Texas
    Congrats! Lemon Drop is a super cute bird, and cute name and lays pretty eggs!!! [​IMG]
  2. kabhyper1

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    So since I have large fowl and a bantam EE, I was curious how the bantam EE happened. I understand that LF EE are mixes, I figure the bantams are the same, but it would be interesting to know what breeds made them. Is there a such thing as a bantam ameraucana? I don't think Kiwi meets the standard for pure ameraucana, so that's why I'm curious.
  3. Firbrd

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    Apr 19, 2014
    Whoo. Been awol a bit, but I finally get to say I officially join the club! [​IMG] Lemon Drop laid this! [​IMG] Pretty true-to-color for the blue egg, too! [/quote What a pretty girl!
  4. Firbrd

    Firbrd Out Of The Brooder

    Apr 19, 2014
    Question, I am new to keeping chickens. Just curious how do you know which hen layed what eggs? I have 14 ee's.
  5. mschicklady

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    Apr 23, 2014
    West Central Louisiana
    This is my oldest and (It seems wrong but) my favorite EE. She is about 2 months old I just can not decide on a name for her. Maybe y'all can help? She is so sweet and incredibly adorable to watch. She is already showing motherly instincts toward the younger chicks. I absolutely love love love her and the other 16 birds I have.
  6. fosterson

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    Since I only have one EE, it's pretty easy to guess who laid the blue egg. I can tell my RIR eggs from my Sussex eggs because of color and size but I have NO clue which RIR or Sussex laid each individual egg.
  7. FVRM

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    you would have to separate them.
  8. miksmity

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    Apr 14, 2014
    Bonfield Il.
    Check their bottoms to tell which r Laying and if it's wide then they lay
    Put diffrent or multiple nesting boxes in and check to se which one goes in and out of that one
    Thy should all have ther own one
    Mine do
  9. hosspak

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    Sep 2, 2013
    Lake Elsinore, CA.
    How did you get each girl to use her own box? Shock treatments... I have 7 boxes for 11 layers but they only use 2 of them, sometimes at the same time...
    When mine started laying I went out and just sat there with them, watching to see who did what and when. Now I know who is laying what color, where they lay and I can find any problems, injuries or illnesses.
  10. insanity

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    Jan 17, 2013
    Northwest Wy
    I move any new layer into a 8x8 dog kennel set up inside the run for a day or two so I can see what she lays.If the throw a real fit I have an "non laying old lady" to put in with them so they aren't alone.

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