Easter Egger - color and sex?


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Apr 16, 2017
Here is our sweet Easter Egger (sold to us as an Ameraucana) at about 8 weeks. We're wondering if the lovely coloring (blonde-grey-blue) has a specific name. In the past our Easter Eggers have been much more brown (either light brown or dark brown), so we're very intrigued by her/his coloring. Also, we'd like to know if we have a pullet or cockerel. The comb isn't pronounced (so female?) but there appear to be early saddle feathers (so male)? Or is it just too early to tell? We're hoping for a pullet, as that's what the store indicated when s/he was purchased. Thanks so much!!

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You don't mention age, but I'm guessing about 14 to 16 weeks?

You have a lovely pullet. Those are not saddle feathers....and she looks close to point of lay, so you should be able to see some lovely eggs from her soon.

As to color, it's a mixed breed so that isn't a "standard" color.

She's buff (gold) in most of her body, with ( from my monitor) what looks like secondary blue (grey) with some columbian traits at the neck (the ticking around the neck).

She's closest to a partridge type, not really lacing nor penciling.

I'll leave it to color experts to pin anything further down.

Very lovely coloring. Pretty girl.

LofMc - She's only about 8 or 9 weeks! Good to hear that's she's likely a she. :)
Absolutely a pullet. I had one that looked a good bit like her. I called her buff and blue. Really technical, right?
Hmmm....I'd think older than 8 or 9 weeks, but I still say pullet.

If truly 8 or 9 weeks, that still is small, generally pale comb, and it has even coloring with flatter hen feathers. BUT roosters would still be just maturing. If red bars show on the wings, or that comb takes off and gets bigger and redder, then I change my answer.

I'm thinking your dates are mixed up and she is closer to 12 to 14 weeks...unless it was broody hatched. Then they do mature more quickly especially in the lengthening days of spring.

Pretty girl.

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