Easter Egger done molting, egg color?

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    Hi all! My EE is done molting and began laying yesterday (previous owner said she was around 11 months old). She laid a very pale tan almost white egg yesterday and today there was a whitish egg that had been taking out of the nest box (maybe rolled out? but i'm fixing the set up so it won't happen again) and it was consumed by I believe my EE. So my question is, since it's her first two eggs since her molt and she's still losing feathers around the run.. I imagine she's still putting energy back into her feather growth... will her egg color change? When I purchased her the owner showed me her blue eggs she was laying and then immediately as she arrived to our home she went into molt after a few instances of my yellow lab prancing around the coop scaring her:(. I appreciate any insight on this situation!!
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    her ink cartridge could still be out of whack because of the molt.
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    There are two possible egg shell colors...blue and white.

    The green and brown colors come from the coating applied to the blue or white shell, respectively.
    The amount and darkness of brown coating can vary day by day and throughout cycle, but the shell color cannot.

    Sounds like your EE is not a blue/green layer...sorry.

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