Easter Egger - Roo or hen?


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Sep 8, 2014
This is our 11 week old Easter Egger. I'm a little concerned that she is actually a rooster based on the tail length compared to our other chickens and that nice long mane coming in around her neck. S/he has a very short comb, but I believe easter egger roosters don't get a large comb? (Could be wrong on that.) What do you all think? S/he also has little buds on her ankles where roosters grow their spurs. Just nubs, but still. S/he is the boss of the flock as well. Her tail is not always held up like pictured below, so it's throwing me off and keeping me guessing.

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I would lean pullet for now. The tail may be long, but it looks straight. I'm slightly more worried about the darker red on the shoulders and wings, but it's not enough to set off cockerel alarms just yet.

Compare your bird's tail and the tail of this young Easter Egger cockerel:
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