Easter Egger Sexing "tips and tricks" *Pictures Included*


Apr 19, 2012
NW Vermont
Very curious as to how he/she will look with adult plumage!
That is one of life's big mysteries with EE chicks! The only one I ever had that didn't totally change was Eos. She was a white chick and ended up white with apricot markings. Of course an EE cockerel will not look even a bit like any of the pullets when they are grown.


Oct 27, 2014
Second one:

I am so SO mad at myself! :hit
We will never know for sure on this one now, although lately I’ve been pretty confident that you guys were right about her being a pullet. I forgot to close the coop door for this group last night!:barnie:he:smack

This coop has one straggler cockerel who doesn’t go inside until after all the others get settled. So this coop gets skipped if he’s still out, and then I have to remember to go back and close it. And last night I got distracted because my 3yo grandson is visiting and we got to playing with the headlamps in the dark, and I thought I was all done closing up, so we went inside. It’s so frustrating when my birds suffer from my own carelessness.:hit

I think I lost 4 out of 12 in there. I’ll have to check again in the daylight. But this poor Easter Egger pullet was laying in there dead, so I know I‘ve lost at least one. The 3 I wasn’t able to count could be crammed together in one of the nest boxes.

The other two Easter Eggers in my previous post look fine, so I will at least be able to follow up with photos on them once they start laying.

Man, I understand that not all chicks make it to adulthood. But I just hate it all the more when it’s my own fault!


Oct 27, 2014
:hugs it's easily done @Finnie - don't beat yourself up over it.
Perhaps in future if there's lots going on, shut the straggler out rather than risk them all...?
Good idea. I did lose a rooster, but not that one. So I still have to deal with him. Unless maybe the lost rooster was the reason he wouldn’t go in the coop in the first place. Maybe he will go in better now.
@Finnie I am so sorry for your loss. My husband and I have gone to bed thinking the other one has locked up everything.

Do you know what it was that got them?
The total loss is two. The Easter Egger and one cockerel. There was a third bird, a pullet, wandering around outside the coop when I went out to open up in the morning. So I’m really glad she survived. I’ve laid eyes on everyone else, and they are all fine.

I’m pretty sure it was a fox that got the cockerel, and a raccoon that killed the Easter Egger. Based on how I heard a ruckus and looked out and saw the huge raccoon, and that was how I noticed the coop door was open. The pullet had a bloody head wound but was still laying in the coop. And also that the rooster was carried completely off, with a trail of feather clumps here and there that indicated to me it probably wasn’t a coyote. Foxes seem to struggle more than coyotes and have to stop and adjust their grip more. Coyotes just grab and run and leave no trace. I hate that I know all this.


Aug 19, 2020
She lays a lovely light blue!
That’s awesome!! would love that for my grandchildren (and myself haha)!!
Mine are pushing 12 weeks old. Will they still lay their first eggs even in the winter with less daylight? Our winters are mild, comparatively speaking but...it’s all about daylight hours right?


Apr 19, 2018
At that age these all look like hens to me! Basing that on comb size/color, and feather shape/color pattern. There’s no telltale random rooster patches and all of the feathers look very rounded in shape. I’m not an expert but I vote hens. Pretty birds!
Thank you! They are nice little hens and the yellow-ish comes up for hugs everyday!

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