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Apr 30, 2015
I have a flock of 8,2 barred rock, 3 rhode island red and 3 easter eggers. I even named one of them trouble because they are troublesome. My other girls are friendly but not my easter eggers. Lots of posts and chicken reading reports they are friendly but this is not my expierence.

Any suggestions would be welcome, Thank you!
Some EEs are friendly and others are not. I have had both kinds. They are a mix of different breeds, which most likely is the explanation. Chickens are individuals and thus there will be also differences within a breed.

Some of my EEs in the past have been very unwilling to have human interaction and would fly away at the earliest opportunity. I have one right now who LOVES me and will come over to see me through the fence all the time.

Treats are the way to get your chickens to be friendlier. Birdseed, scratch, etc. dropped to the ground and do your "treat call."
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Thank you! They do try and fly away it run away. They seem like they want to come say hello but then they dont.

I do give them treats and they just wait till I give them some space. I dont want them to miss out on the yummies.

I will keep trying :)

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