Easy but secure chicken coop?

May 28, 2020
Bonney Lake, Washington
Hello! I am two weeks into the chicken world and this site has been a godsend. 🙏 When I bought my chicks, I’d purchased a coop online but of course learned that it isn’t ideal for them. I’d already planned to build on it but my research has made me determined to build the coop myself for more security/safety of the girls. For someone with minimal carpentry skills (aka...none) what’s a good place to look? Not concerned with budget, but currently don’t have a lot of the tools like various saw types - just some basics for around the house.

In my area, we have bobcats, coyotes, hawks, etc. so wanting to be careful with free range. Planning to not do so at least for awhile.


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Mar 21, 2020
NW Massachusetts
I would say with no carpentry skills and no tools, you will probably want to find a friend that maybe has some tools you need and some skills so you can learn hands on and have some fun doing it. You mainly need a circular saw and a set of drills for power tools. A measuring tape, level, and hammer go a long way for hand tools. I would suggest "how to build a chicken coop" videos on youtube if you're intent on building it yourself (I respect it and believe you can do it!!) This route would certainly be more frustrating and trial by error learning but it's certainly possible. A coop really just needs to be a box with a slanted roof after all. How many birds do you have? Are you located in an area with cold winters? Some details may help in pointing you in a specific direction for coop size and layout.

As far as a run, I use a 5 ft welded wire fence with t posts. I choose not to put a top on mine. I am around most the day and lock them up in my secure coop at night. So far that works for me.

Building stuff is always an adventure! Anyone can learn and it is a super handy skill that comes in handy in chicken keeping and many other areas. Whatever you choose, have fun and keep asking questions! Here are pics of 2 coops and a tractor I have built to get ya thinking.

8x4 layer coop. Approx 600 dollars all new materials. Good for 8-10 birds. I house 10.


8x4 guinea coop. Built mostly with pallets and 2x4s. Cost approximately $250. Lotss of roost space. Good for at least 8-10 birds. I have 9 guineas in there.

Ended up using plastic sheeting for top triangle and door. Lots of natural light!

And lastly a little tractor I plan to use for meat birds. Could also be used to range a few layers in focused locations to give them access to new grass when not in cop run.

Here are links to threads on builds for the last two.

Hope this helped in some way. Let us know what you're leaning towards!

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