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6 Years
Jul 30, 2013
I bought one of these in size 48" from out local feed store (cost more than here!)


Then I bought two roof panels (which are the same as two side panels clipped together) from the site above -- wow free shipping that got to me overnight!

So I now have 12 2ft wide panels

It can be configured several different ways, with or without a roof and it has worked well to give our chickens some freedom without the dogs getting them and it is easy for me to move and set up (I split it into two sets of four panels to make it easier to carry round the garden. It isn't predator proof, but during the day the dogs are in and out all day long if we are home.

We have been using it at night to wrap around the coop and secure it further from raccoon -- I figure it will slow one down a lot and make noise with all the clips. We probably won't bother when we have the permanent set up and electric wire.

I have also installed three large eye screws on one side of the coop so I can set it up as a visitor and sitting area in front of the coop so I don't have to sit in the run to hang out with the chickens.

I have been using one roof panel and a piece of fabric to shade and cover the rest.

Here is Lydia and Chica-dude (?) hanging out under one of the trees in our yard today

If I don't use the roof panels -- like today under the tree you can make a 4'x8' pen (or bigger if you make it a circle)

I plan to make some wooden feet to get the metal off the ground before we get rains.

(the fluffy butt in my avatar is Hazel digging a dust bath next to the fence)
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This has come doubly in handy. It fits beautifully over our bathtub brooder that currently contains poor sad sore foot Lydia and her friend Hazel. Hazel will fly out if not prevented so I have a double panel sitting over the bathtub on two slats right now. It is hinged in the middle so I can lift the front up to access the tub easily.

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