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    This is a design we have used to make portable pens. You can make as many panels as you wish and they can be set up freestanding or against a coop. They are lightweight and easy to set up. I use wire plant stakes for the hinges at the corners. If you make them much taller than 36" high, you will have trouble reaching over to replace feed and water. We put bird netting over the top and hook it over the corner stakes. To enter the pen, slip out one of the corner stakes and the panel will open like a door.

    I want to make some that are 4' long so I can use them inside the barn as end pieces to the run. The panels shown are 8' long by 36" high. We have used chicken wire, vinyl coated wire, hardware cloth, and heavy netting. Hardware cloth is the sturdiest, but makes the panel a little heavier.

    They are obviously not predator proof, but may work for indoors or putting babies out for an afternoon in the sun. Also for temporary pens for those of us who hatched more than we thought!
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    I was just thinking of making something very similar. Thanks for sharing!
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    Love it! I'll definitely be making one of my runs like this.

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    May 15, 2012
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    Thanks Mrs. Chickendad for another great idea. I am a victim of chicken math and need to expand run as the troops are rapidly outgrowing the brooder. These mobile panels will be just the ticket... and maybe even will keep some adults off my patio and deck! I foresee another trip to the home improvment store and/or lumber yard in the near future.
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    I was trying to come up with a design to do just this. Seems very simple to build but I don't know what to use for the frame. I was considering 2X2's but know they will eventually rot. Then I was thinking of PVC plumbing pipe, but what size and I don't know how expensive this would be. What did you use?
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    Im not very handy, I just use these, and attach some chicken wire to the bottom with zip ties so they cant go thru. Pound a couple of metal stakes into the ground and attach each end of the panel to one with twine or whatever you have handy. I also use these in the garden to tie tomatoes to. Cant be beat.

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  9. criscocrispy

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    Sep 7, 2013
    I loved this idea and my husband and I made some for our chicks. We used 8' long pressure treated 1x4's, and hardware cloth. This has been a sturdy, easy to move solution to us for a moveable run. We have a tractor type coop that is 8' long, so it makes up our 4th wall. To move the coop we simple take out the garden stakes, take down the fence, move the coop and set it all back up again. My son and I can do it in 15' and the chicks get brand new grass each time. For various reasons, we are going to switch to a stationary coop, but I will be able to recycle the panels. Thanks for the idea!
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    Do you have any photots yo share?
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