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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by VaM715, May 6, 2008.

  1. VaM715

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    Feb 26, 2008
    Fincastle, VA
    I live in the sticks and contend with the entire gambit of predators, Foxes, bobcats, coyote's, Feral dogs and cats, racoons opposums and the like. I am a lifelong hunter and trapper. I kill them all on site as a general rule and trap as many as I can. BUT and this is a big but, around my home and coop, I do not have the options of trapping due to my own dogs, neighbors dogs and cats and the like. After loosing many chickens to the world of the woods, I saw an ad in the Farm Show magazine for a product called Niteguard. It is a simple LED flashing red light, solar powered, that runs dusk to dawn. Being a hunter I already knew that red is a warning color to animals and they do not like to think someone is looking at them as they stalk, The flashing light simulates an eye looking at the predator as it stalks. The units are a little pricey,, $29.95 each. But I ponyed up the money for 8 units and installed them. I am on month number 10 and have not lost a single chicken since then. I have personally seen both a coyote and a fox leave the area when they saw the light. I guess it's un-nerving to them. (The fox got away, the coyote didn't.) They are not noticable at all at night.
    I am no way affiliated with the manufacturer so this is a true testimonial for their product.
    The link to the website is http://www.niteguard.com/.
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    Mar 8, 2008
    Eaton, Colorado
    Thank you for the great info! I am going to tell hubby about this tonite. We deal with fox, coyotes and raccoons around here. We also have cats and dogs so it makes it hard to set traps. Thanks again!
  3. Keystone newbie

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    May 1, 2008
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    Thanks very much for the info. We live in a rural, woody area and I was concerned with how I was going to handle the inevitable predator attention. If these things work for us as they have for you, I will rest a lot easier. Especially on the odd evening when we're home late and the chickens' house isn't locked down tight at nightfall.
  4. A great idea- humane and effective, I'll be watching for them here.[​IMG]
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    I have read many post here about this unit. Yours is the first postive one. I am glad it works for you and I hope anyone else using them has the same success.
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    Feb 24, 2007
    I have doubts on how long it would work. Predators aren't stupid. They will figure it out eventually. Might just be another thing to rotate and combine with other tricks.

    Add it to a radio on a timer.
    a flood light on a motion detector
    Borrow a wolf dog and let it tinkle around the perimeter
    Sprinkle hair from barber shops and pet grooming places around
    Sprinkler on a motion detector(this is very amusing with human predators that sneak in the night)

    Have a livestock guardian dog
    Good fences!
    donkeys and llamas
    cds shining in the sun or reflecting the niteguard

    I could come up with more.

    I will note that I have a laser pointer that I use to herd my ducks and make my dog crazy. The little red dot is perfect for getting ducks out of a pond and into lockup for the night. The dog tries to catch and kill the dot. So do some of my cats. While my dog isn't a wolf or coyote he isn't very far from it as any dog. He knows I control the dot. He figured out it wasn't magic in a matter of a couple of days. Something that needs to feed itself rather than have a bowl put in front of it is going to be even more motivated to figure it out.

    It's been on the market for years. If it were that good you would see more of them.
    Sorry I'm skeptical.
  7. VaM715

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    Feb 26, 2008
    Fincastle, VA
    ALl I can say is as long as it;s been on the market, it's still around. Most things that don;t work fade away.

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