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I have 2 Hovabators, one to incubate, and one to hatch. The one I use to incubate is a piece of cake, doesnt get dirty, I just put eggs in week after week. The other Hovabator I use to hatch in, and its a pain in the patoot to clean every week. Is there another incubator that I could hatch with that is easier to clean, that doesnt cost an arm and a leg?
Try and get a non-styrofoam one, mine are hard plastic and a doddle to clean. Even get a second hand broken one and refit using the old incubators assembly or rebuild a new one of your own? I have a second hand incubator that I spent a fortune buying, but it won't work, so will be cannibilising it to make a hatcher. Just need to source a new casing for it.
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the hova is decent to hatch in - did you not get the plastic botton liner with it? it makes clean-up alot easier. When cleaning, I would use a brush with nylon bristles, like they kind for dishes - they sell them at the Dollar Tree 2 for a buck. Put 1/4 cup bleach in a 1 gallon bucket...take the bottom outside and hose off whatever will come clean first then dip your brush in the bucket and scrub off the tough stuff. It should not be that hard right after a hatch. The let dry in the sun for a day or 2.

Works for me and I have no smelly bators
Yes, I have the hova with the plastic bottom. I would rather have an incubator with plastic parts that I can wash, rinse, and put back together, if there is such thing.
Do you have the wire top? Put a layer of rubber shelf liner on the wire.

I use Tektrol disinfectant from my last hatch. Mix it with water and then pour it on the styrofoam let it soak a few minutes and rinse. Scrub hard with a wash cloth anything that is stuck. Let it dry in the sun.
Latex paint seems to air out quicker then the rest of them I have painted several bators with latex and just let them air out for a week or two. I also just turned one on and let it "cook "/seal the paint smell was gone quicker with that one
There is the Brower Top hatch. Online, they run about $187 plus shipping, but I can buy one locally for $150. That may be more than you want to spend, but some of the parts can be run through the dishwasher. This guy uses one for hatching:
The Brower looks like just what Im looking for, but according to that interesting video, it really is loud. Ill have to look into that one, tho. Thanks for that info.

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