eating a bird that has been attacked by who knows what?


8 Years
Feb 26, 2011
Washtenaw county, michigan
I went to let out some of my free range birds this morning and all seemed normal till i got to the guinea fowl coop. one of the guys was laying really funny and saw some blood and a torn part in the wire. any ways the leg and part of the under belly had been ripped/ eaten off. after killing him i was trying to decide if it would still be ok to eat a bird that had been chewed on by.. ? other than a whole leg being missing i the rest looked untouched. any thoughts
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I'm sure someone in the past has done it but eating a bird that was killed by a predator wouldn't be on my menue. I guess it would all depend on how long the bird has been dead and what the temperature is in your area.

I know Bear Grills wouldn't hesitate to eat it. I have seen him eat much much worse and he is still alive and kicking. I dont think it would kill you but I guess it all depends on just how hungry you are.
hmm I wouldn't consume the bird, you have no clue what attacked it and some predators out there carry rabies. I myself wouldn't chance it, as I wouldn't know if the meat was tainted or not. JMHO.

I am sorry for your loss.

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