Eating eggs after using Amoxicillin

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    I've read not to eat eggs for appx. 2 weeks after administering antibiotics to your birds. I've been treating three of my girls with amoxicillin (bumblefoot) for about the past week. I'm allergic to any of the "cillins" myself. But for someone who isn't, I'm wondering why they couldn't eat the eggs?? I mean, if I took a prescribed antibiotic pill even though I wasn't sick, it wouldn't harm me (although I realize that ALL prescription meds have noted side effects). So why would it be bad for a person who is NOT allergic to amoxicillin to eat my hens' egg??? [​IMG]
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    I was told that you had to throw the eggs away for a month after antibiotics. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will post.
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    Well we just treated our flock and I have side effects to penicillin but we use tylon 50 and we didn't eat the eats through out the treatment and two weeks after the last dosage. After that the eggs have been yummy yummy. I have been told that the medication could make anyone sick regardless if they are allergic or not.
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