Eating eggs from pullets on unmedicated feed


Mar 1, 2016
Westminster, Maryland
Hello everyone! I posted this somewhere else but no one responded so I'm hoping someone can help here please. I have a couple of 20 week old silkies and they are showing all the signs of egg laying. I just put in the nest boxes earlier this day and they were very curious about them. I have been feeding them unmedicated feed for the past 2 weeks or so and today I just started mixing in laying feed. Is it ok if I can eat the eggs right away?
I agree. When it comes to medicine, you really need to know what the medicine is before you can answer that type of question. The label on the bag should tell you what the medicine was. If it was Amprolium and only Amprolium, and it probably was, the eggs are perfectly safe. But I don’t like risking my families health on a “probably”.

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