Eating fresh eggs..."over easy please"

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  1. Robertbrown

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    Jun 6, 2010
    West Central Florida
    We recently aquired a couple of Serama hens. These two produce about 4-5 small eggs each week. This morning I made an omlette (recipe on request) using about 10. The eggs were fine, not much flavor but a nice texture.
    I was wondering about cooking these eggs over easy or otherwise not throughly cooked and the risks invoved with this. Does enyone have any input as to the health risks with egg yolks that are partially cooke such as eggs "sunny side up", "over easy" or "over medium"?
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  2. purr

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    Apr 30, 2008
    east freetown, ma
    eating raw or not thoroughly cooked eggs can result in salmonella , having said that the risk is mostly due to unsanitary conditions in commercial factories. Small flocks do not not normally have this disease. I make home made mayonaise from my raw eggs (delish) and eat them over easy all the time. I make cake ,brownie and cookie batter all the time and give the grandkids licks. I have no qualms about it at all.
  3. ozark hen

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    Apr 4, 2007
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    I completely agree with Purr. I use my fresh (unrefridgerated!) eggs even in egg cooking the eggs. We have over easy eggs all the time. I would not do this with store bought eggs.
  4. dntd

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    Dec 4, 2009
    I have aten over easy for all of my life and never have I gotten sick. I am now allergic to store bought eggs that are fed flax as I'm allergic to flax.
  5. maizey

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    had one this morning.. and about 2-3 days a week for the last year or so..even used store eggs
  6. Raiquee

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    Jun 15, 2010
    Big Bend, WI
    if you're okay eating store bought eggs over easy, then I wouldn't think twice about eating home grown/raised ones over easy! It's my favorite way to eat eggs, and the yolk is sooo much richer and delicious than store bought ones!

    ETA: There is always the risk of Salmonella, and the USDA/FDA will tell you all about the consumption of raw eggs. Does this stop people or resturants from serving them? No. If you are asking if there are more risks involved doing this with eggs from your chickens vs eggs from the store, I'd say no loud and clear! [​IMG]
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  7. JustAChickenLittle&More

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    Nov 25, 2010
    I have always liked scrambled eggs and over easy eggs. My family as well. I have been making over easy eggs for quite some time and so far, no adverse reactions. I agree, I think it is more prevalent with big commercial breeders.
  8. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
    South Georgia

    Yes, there is a risk. I have eaten them overeasy all my life. I actually think I've probably been exposed and developed some immunity.

    Another thought, I recently read in a discussion about salmonella, just turn your eggs over. It doesn't take a very high temp to kill these germs. BigMike&Nan talked on here about coddling his eggs to make mayo for groups, etc. -- really just barely warms them, til the white just starts to turn white, if I remember correctly.
  9. cheri222

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    May 12, 2010
    Erie PA
    While in China, we had overeasy eggs and they served them in a little bowl with lots of soy sauce and a dash of hot sauce. No one got sick! At that point I would have eaten anything that reminded me of home. They were really yum. No we did not try the 1000 yr eggs, they even sold them in walmart, Anything that looked that disgusting was not on the consumption list.

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