Ebay Cabinet Incubator

Well, I checked it out... They have 3 of them. I would want to know about the thermostate (sp) and fan. And I would ask myself if my hubby would kill me for getting something so big
seriously though, I would ask about manufactor info, hatch rates and stuff like that. Good Luck!
Its a plywood box with a "CAMICO APCOM STYLE THERMOSTAT" =WATERHEATER THERMOSTAT, that is built to accept LG turner trays. It uses two 100watt regular lightbulbs as a heat source and a Massy fan, http://www.amazon.com/Massey-High-Velocity-Inch-Fan/dp/B00183PF76 for air flow.

Honestly, at $125 and free shipping, the guy cant be makeing much money. In fact, it will probably cost him close to $100 just to box and ship. I suspect once he sells and ships one, he'll probably lose money and remove his listing.

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