Educate me about incubators please...? Incubators or silkies...?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by miss_thenorth, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Dec 28, 2007
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    Okay, I always swore I wouldn't do it, and I still might not, but I am looking for an education on incubators.

    What I plan on hatching are quail eggs. Originally, I was thinking about getting a few silkies to do the work for me, but I want to look at alternatives/pros/cons etc.

    My concerns are that the silkies might not be ready to set when I have the eggs available. also, once the chicks are hatched--what then? Just put the quail chicks in a brooder?

    If I go with and incubator, what kind would be the best for a small operation of quail eggs? from what I have read, you really need an egg turner, b/c opening the incubator to turn the eggs could jeopardize the hatch, correct??

    And if I buy a used incubator, how will I know how to use it ifit doesnt come with instructions? Should I buy new for just that reason?

    I know absolutely zilcho about incubators--please enlighten me!!
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    i would buy a used bator or make one, you can do a search on how to build a bator. and you do not need a turner, you could use the carton process to turn them so you do not have to open the bator. if i was to buy one i like the LG's 9200 with a fan kit or the Hova 1602n with a fan kit, you can go on craigs list and post that you want to buy a incubator with a fan kit and turner and get them cheap, then if you are going to just do the hatching thing one time sell it after the hatch. i have both LG's and Hova and have good hatches out of them, and have homemades one's too. use ones off of craigs list have been got for less than $60.00 US with turners. you can build one for less than $25.00 US. if your silkies are not broody i would not try them! hope this helps william

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