EE being a freak!


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Apr 12, 2010
Durango, CO
One of my EE's is being a freak! I cleaned out the coop the other day, put in nice new pine shavings, now she won't set foot in there. She stands at the door clucking at her coop mates, but won't go in. She has been spending the night outside for a few nights now (she won't let me touch her) and I'm sure laying somewhere, but no idea where. Anyone have any advice???
You just gotta catch her and put her in there...Did you change the type of material in the nests or just refresh it? Try some straw? My chickens LOVE to move it around and from nest to nest as they are sitting to lay. Just pick her up and put her in there, break the bad habit!
There is straw in the next boxes, the shavings are on the floor, she won't walk on them. (She was brought up from chick-hood on shavings) I have no idea where where she is going at night, I have 20 acres, and I'm not walking them after dark (lions and tigers and bears, oh my) She is probably going in with the horses. As for catching her, no way, she is more flighty than my Leghorns, a total spaz! I even opened the door to the babies coop thinking she would go in there, nope, shavings must still be too new in there too.
My EE are total spazzes too, hope you get her in. I never thought they would be that flighty. My husband thinks they are unfriendly, especially when compared to our other very friendly mixed flock of birds.
Well, she didn't go in again tonight, and not for my lack of trying. I chased her around the barn for an hour, she just kept going round and round, and I'm pretty sure I saw her flip me the bird a few times. I even tried to tempt her with bread, her favorite treat, nope. I did open up the foaling stall a little for her to get out of the weather tonight, storm coming in. I guess this teaches me to clean out the coop and put new shavings in *sigh*
I agree i would just catch her up and put her in. She'll soon see there is nothing to be worried about and she'll be fine,
Do you know where she is spending her nights?

Duh sorry just read you last post!
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