EE CM slow growing or different breed


May 23, 2021
Wasilla, Alaska
I have this group of chicks, they were suppose to be CMs but I found out they might be EE too, but one of them is much much smaller then the others, I’m not sure if she’s the one that used to have splay leg or if that was my rooster, If it was her I was thinking maybe that’s why she’s smaller, cause I have one with a deformed leg who is still tiny, but then I noticed her tail was different than the others, it sticks up more than theirs, so does my other deformed one but only when she lays down, any ideas? Its hard to get good pictures but she’s the one in the back in the first picture and the one drinking water is the other deformed one, Crutchie is the deformed leg and saffron is the other one.
Saffron also has a much more curved beak.


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First, can you get better pics? Second, age?
I’m not sure the age, two or three months maybe, sorry she’s high anxiety, I got the best I could


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I'm betting most are mixed breeds. Considering some have pea combs and none of the cockerels have a two copies of the barring gene I would guess it's a Cuckoo Marans rooster over a mixed group of hens and likely few or none are pure
Well I know one of them are, but I don’t think she is, she doesn’t have the comb, in one of my threads about him it shows that they’re legs are grey with a few black spots

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