EE Egg Genetic Question


13 Years
Apr 13, 2007
Choctaw Oklahoma
How can I tell if EE roosters carry the blue egg color gene?
Is breeding them the only way to tell?
I have two gorgeous cockerals that are out of an Ameraucana rooster but not sure what breed of hens.
They are colored just like the sire but do not have muffs. They do have the dark legs.
I was thinking you would have to breed them and wait till the chicks grow up and they lay. But I may be wrong my first ee haven't started laying yet. But I think mine has a pea comb and I hope she lays blue eggs.
Yes , breeding is the only sure way to find out . If the Ameraucana was pure for the blue egg gene , then your EE would carry at least one copy regardless of the hen . Unfortunately , not all Ameraucanas are pure for blue eggs , but the majority are .
Thanks everyone,
I was trying to decide if I wanted to start a two year breeding project with these EE cockerals next spring.
I guess that won't be happening.
I'll just put them in my pen of many colors.

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