ee eggs?

From what I understand it is possible for the pullet to lay green eggs. It depends on if she picked up the blue egg gene.
Send a message to this poster - They have worked with Blue / green egg layers and may help - best I can do as they helped me.
They are better at the gene stuff. tadkerson

and my rooster had the blue egg jene
is your americauna a pure? if so then it should lay blue-green eggs
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To answer a question about egg color off the mothers too -

If the the Ameraucana father is actually a real Ameraucana and not an Easter Egger, and if the EE from a brown egg had a father who lays a BLUE egg - Yes. Otherwise, your chances are a little slim, and either you will get khaki greenish brown or just brown.

The mother doesn't exactly decide the offspring's egg color - Both parents do. To get a green egg you'll need a blue and a brown egg parent. Anything else and you'll get just brown or blue-green or something else.
I had an EE girl who laid green

Her daddy was a white EE roo, who's dad was supposed to be pure Ameraucana and who's mom was a Buff Orpington.
Her mama was another BO,
making my girl 3/4 BO but she still laid green eggs!!!!!!!!!

She looked like a greenish-legged Buff Orpington with kinda different comb

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