EE hen acting very uncomfortable and abnormal since she started laying


5 Years
Sep 17, 2014
I have 4 hens that we hand raised from a day old. Their birthday is 3-4 of April so they are 26 weeks old now. One of my EE girls is having a hard time settling into egg production world. She has had three successful eggs and no weird ones. She has acted really weird the last few days. She looks very uncomfortable, waddles around, isn't really eating, is pooping yellow and white poop and pretty much just lays around. I've looked at her vent carefully and it looks normal. She had an egg yesterday that looked totally normal. I'm worried about her. My other two that are laying haven't had any issues and are just going about their daily business. My chicken free range in the backyard all day but this hen hides under a bush most the day now. Help!!! Thoughts?
I would get a rubber glove and feel inside the vent in an upward angle about an inch to check for a stuck egg. Make sure she is getting a layer feed, and that she is taking some extra calcium in crushed oyster shell or egg shells, and also getting plenty of water to drink. She may just be getting the hang of laying, but keep an eye on her. If you should feel a stuck egg, place her in a shallow warm bath for 30 minutes, and massage her abdomon towar the vent to relax her. This may help with laying an egg, but a dose of calcium may also be needed. Tums or calcium tablets are good for that.
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I wonder if she's loaded with worms or mites. Also, it might not hurt to act as if on cocci.
She's having an egg a day so I doubt she's impacted. She's not really eating, has very liquidy poop and drinks a lot. Her vent looks normal color and size. I guess I'll take to the vet...not easy to do when you live in a big city. Anyone know a good livestock vet in Seattle?

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