EE pullet is a ROO- Should I try to keep him? UPDATED W/PICS

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Chickadee28, Apr 21, 2008.

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    I ordered 2 EE pullets( ordered 8 total chicks) from My Pet Chicken in March. They are now 8 weeks old and one of my "girls" started crowing. [​IMG] I live in a rural subdivision with 1/2 acre. I ordered all pullets as to not upset any neighbors I am really heart broken that I may have to give him up. I am thinking of hanging on to him with the hopes that he wont cause too much of a ruckus and I can keep him. Right now his crow is pretty pathetic, but I know it will get louder.

    What would you do? Would be easier to find him a home now?




    So is he a Roo??
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  2. wynedot55

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    Mar 28, 2007
    since you liove in give him away.because his crowing will bother the neighbors.
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    Have you contacted My Pet Chicken? What did they have to say?

    Some people have had success with keeping them seperated in a gargage, in a crate, keeping them literally in the dark until 9am on weekdays or 10am & later on weekends...but it is also not uncommon for a female to crow & take on other "manly" duties in flocks without roo's.....can you post a pic?
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    If you want him and are legally allowed to have him, then I would check with neighbors and let them know you accidentally got a little rooster. If they are bothered, then get rid of him. Offer them eggs! Some people think you need a rooster to get eggs, maybe you could take advantage of that.... [​IMG]
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    Quote:I have not contacted them, I assume they will refund my money though. I didn't know that females could crow, I posted pics to get some opinions on the gender.
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  8. pips&peeps

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    He's all boy....
  9. arlee453

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    Looks rooish to me - that is a really dark red comb for an 8wk old pullet, and those saddle feathers are pretty long too...

    Don't lose all hope - he may be a quiet crower, or a not-too-often crower - especially being the only roo with that many girls.

    My guy only crows once the sun is well in the sky, and only a few times then he quits. He might crow once in a while during the day but it's not that loud and not continuous - no worse than a dog barking for a minute at something.

    On the other hand, so roos crow loudly, long and all all hours of the day and night. If he's one of those, then you may need to rehome him....
  10. mmajw

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    Jan 31, 2008
    I order new babies every year and 2 years ago out of a order of 20 pullets I ended up with 3 Roosters. 2 were Barred Rocks and the 3rd was a Ameraucana. I kept the Ameraucana Rooster and gave away the other 2. It was a sad day to see the Barred Rocks go but it has been wonderful having the Ameraucana Rooster. He has been a great addition to our family and we are truly glad that we kept him. I think he is one of the nicest looking Roosters I have ever seen, or maybe that just love of a mommy. [​IMG]

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