EE Roo with RIR, BR, Buffs and Leghorns


9 Years
Jun 23, 2010
Ocoee Florida
I have a EE Roo with real dark green legs. If he fertilizes the eggs of my leghorns, RIR, Barred Rock or Buffs will any of the EE be seen in the chicks? Or will the breed of the hen outway the EE in him?
This is him when he was small, he is all white or off white, his name is vanilla

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It's hard to say what he is carrying genetically, since most EE's are mixed themselves, but it wouldn't be surprising to see the muffs, and the green legs show up in the next generation. It's also hard to know if he's dominant or recessive white, so you may get lots of white chicks or none at all.

Each parent contributes 50% of the DNA, so it's a matter of what genes the chicks get in the shuffle, and what is dominant. Total crap shoot.

BUT, you should end up with some cool mixed babies. If any of the chicks are pea combed like their daddy, it's quite likely that they will lay green eggs.

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