EE sexing question


9 Years
Apr 22, 2010
I know theyre mongrels, but i love them. Are there any way to tell "semi"early on what sex they will grow up to be. were at around 3-4 weeks now and were trying to figure out how many were gonna have to rehome. if not roughly what age would you expect to see signs telling one way or another. and yes i alrady know the whole crows or lays an egg bit.


EE's are haaaaard lol and my trick may not work 100% with yours because they are so many breeds/influences in them. I got lucky though and was able to tell my EE cockerel from my EE pullet. Here are pictures to compare. I can't tell with yours
but hopefully you can see my pictures and tell somewhat.

EE Cockerel:



(Cockerel is the lighter, less feathered one. I think these are at 2 or 3 weeks.)


Here is the cockerel in front and a EE pullet in back, to see tail feathers

Pullet to left, cockerel to right


Back of pullet to compare

Hope this helps at all!
Hmmmm Those chicks look kinda familiar, lol

But with EEs, its hard to tell, even their parents had me thinking back and forth for a while, the roos usually look a little taller and have longer, thicker leggs around that age, I really never looked at them good enough to try to tell what sex those were, but like that pair you got with them, you will see the roos starting to get those feathers with the green sheen before too long
My favorite EE pullett CROWED last Friday.
They are 8 weeks now. The only difference was that (his) comb was really getting pinker by 6 weeks and is red now. No wattles or anything. His legs are the same size as all the others. He is the only white one so It was harder to see his feather development but it appeared about the same too. Being new to chickens I am hoping that maybe the cock-a-doo was just some strange hen sound. There was no doodle do at least! We have one obvious welsummer rooster with a comb 10 feet tall and he has never made a sound.
I have a 9 week old cream colored EE who is the tamest most timid bird. He/she jumps into my lap, nestles down and lays her head on my arm and goes to sleep! My puppy-chicken. So I'm sure it's got to be a darned rooster 'cause we can't keep boy birds. I refuse to post pictures in case someone dares tell me it's a roo. Not much comb, legs are not too thick, but there's a slight curl to the tail feathers that has me nervous. Good luck with your lovely birds.
Peppermint- are you SURE it was a crowing and not just throat clearing!? I'll foster your denial if you'll foster mine......

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