EE The pea comb now has 3 rows. Do I have a rooster?


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Apr 26, 2011
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This is Elvis, my 18 week old Easter Egger. Is he definitely a rooster?


Not necessarily. My EE's comb got all puffy and red at 8 weeks, and she started laying at 20 weeks. I don't really see any pointy saddle feathers, so I'm inclined to think pullet? Very very pretty bird, whatever it is. I'm kinda jealous...
I have five EE's with that comb and they're all laying now....I tried to sell one as a roo, glad I didn't have any takers! Had 3 really pretty boys so nobody called on the black one....thankfully because I get a beautiful blue egg from her!

Edited to add that I looked closely at all five of my girls that have similar combs tonight and really only one has that distinct 3 comb, and she is the one that lays a pretty blue egg. It's merged more then it was but the others have turned more into a traditional pea comb but I do remember counting rows on them when they were younger, trying to figure it all out.

I'm learning to just wait for the egg or crow......
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