EE with no muff?


12 Years
Apr 28, 2011

I think this is an EE but she has no muff - or are muff's only for Amercauna and Arcaunas?. She is ~5 months old now, and honks like a goose :) I got her and some black stars at the same time two months ago, but now the BS's are almost twice her size and she hasn't grown much. She seems to be short and stocky compared to the others.

If they have yellow legs will they lay brown/buff eggs? Someone told me that with EE's, colored legs = colored eggs?


Thats not an EE. Looks to be some sort of game rooster.

Your roo has a single comb and wattles, an EE will have a modified pea comb and no wattles.

EEs usually do not have yellow legs either.
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I agree with a game rooster, though it looks like it could be a cross. However, EEs can have a muff or no muff, araucanas have to have tufts to be show quality and ameraucanas must have a muff to be SQ. Your roo is beautiful!
(Shaking head) Noooooooo, please, please, tell me this is not a rooster! I bought this as one of six pullets at 12 weeks from the local grain store. All others were RIR or BS.

(rolls eyes and faints)

I wanted to give everyone an update. It seems as though "Pat" (from the Saturday Night Live skit) as we named him/her, is actually a girl. She only lays 2-3x per week, and a smallish light tan egg.

Thanks to everyone!

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