9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Hudson Florida
Good morning everyone!!! I have a strange one about my girls. The other day I was gathering my eggs and was cooking breakfast. I cracked one egg open and eekkk there was a bloody yuck in the yolk. My rooster is still too young and is in another pen and can't get to the girls. What is this yuck in the yolk? Its only happened once but I was told by a guy at work that is the reason his wife won't eat fresh eggs. She saw the same kind of yuck in their eggs and it turned her off of eating eggs.

Can anyone help???

Thanks and have a great day.
Sounds to me like blood spots/meat spots.
Sometimes when the yolk is released, a blood vessel will break or a bit of tissue will come along.
They are safe to eat, the condition is mostly hereditary. Commercial industry candles their eggs and pass these lesser grade eggs off to the baking industry.
Like I said, they are fine to eat. Crack your eggs into a small bowl first. If you find one that is displeasing, either remove the offensive part or set it aside to cook later and feed back to your ladies, or other critters. They will love you!

The industrial food system has done a good job masking what real food actually looks like! Sometimes strawberries are mis-shapen, potatoes come with dirt on them, apples aren't always perfect, and sometimes our beloved ladies give us eggs with spots!
Just blood spots, a little tissue breaks off and gets in the egg. It won't hurt you and is doesn't change the taste. Asthetically unplesant is all. I candle eggs I sell to reduce the chance of my customers getting them and use them ourselves. I have been culling for excessive blood spots and have seen a reduction it the occurances.
We had one pullet lay an egg that was almost completely full of blood. We were concerned but her eggs have been perfectly fine ever since. We have no rooster so we guess it was just a glitch in her system. It was incredibly gross to crack that one open though.

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