EE's and egg laying ??

My EEs lay pretty much every day! They're very good layers. They are going on their second year, and I have noticed that one doesn't lay every day. As they age, the frequency does lessen. But I've been very happy with my EE eggs. The eggs were not large--I'd describe them as a medium sized egg.

Now, it will be irregular at first, but once they get into the groove, they're great layers!
My 2 EE's that started laying 2 weeks ago lay most days. I have found that there is approx. 26 hours between eggs. So if they start laying at say 8 am, they lay at 10 the next day, etc... but the latest in the day that I have gotten an egg is 4 pm. Then they skip the next day and lay first thing in the morning the following day. I hope that makes sense.

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